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Cary United Methodist Church seeks to nurture Christians who respond faithfully in worship and service in all aspects of life.  We invite all people to be transformed as they are inspired and challenged to: know and experience God through Jesus Christ, claim and live God's promises, and grow and serve as Christian disciples. We provide Christian Education programs for all ages in our community.  See below for details.

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Sunday School 2022 - 2023 (Classes for Ages 3-12)


Fully Rely On God honors the spiritual life of children—their natural sense of awe, wonder, imagination, and curiosity and helps shape their growing faith. Leaders will guide children through engaging experiences, spiritual practices, and opportunities for reflection, giving them a safe space to ask big questions and helping them claim their spiritual identity as children of God.

Meeting Place: Wesley Wing

Sundays 10:15 AM

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Our Junior and Senior High classes study God's word from the Bible.This information and group discussion equips and prepares believers to grow stronger in their faith. It serves to cover the vastness of Scripture, focusing on and highlighting the key doctrines, people, and teachings that make up our Christian faith. It also helps to guide students to some of the most significant truths of the Word of God. Students feel safe talking about issues relevant to their world in a safe and caring environment.

Meeting Place: Youth Room 

Sundays 10:15 AM

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The Wesley Class

The Wesley Class is walking through the Bible — book by book, chapter by chapter and verse by verse.  We have walked from Genesis to Nehemiah and will pick up with the book of Esther and then onto Job. Please join us as we read, discuss and seek to apply God’s word.

Facilitators:  Jeff Biven

Meeting Place:  Zoom

Sundays 7:00 PM


A class for couples to learn more about the Bible's wisdom in creating a marriage that is rich and rewarding, comfortable and exhilarating, tenderhearted and enduring.  Currently we are doing weekly devotional studies.  Participants will pick a book to study as a class in the fall.


Facilitators:  Jim & Dawn Ferree

     Meeting Place: Zoom Room

Sundays 10:15 AM

Social Concerns

An open discussion group that focuses on social topics in the news. 

Each week a topic is chosen from a current newspaper or magazine by the class.


Facilitators:  Rich Heizer

     Meeting Place: Fellowship Hall D and Zoom

Sundays 10:15 AM

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