Cary United Methodist Church
Sunday, June 07, 2020
Empowers Believers; Reaches the Community and Beyond


“When did we see you sick, or in prison, and visit you?”

                                   Matthew 25:39



…She invested her life in our church and misses being involved…  He is confined within four lonely walls. His name is on a list of our church, termed "homebound" or "nursing home." …  She hopes someone from church will show up one day…



Would you like to impact the lives of those precious homebound saints? If so… 

        Join the Traveling Tea Party




This unique ministry offers an opportunity to bring church to those who are no longer able to worship at our church. We add a fun dimension to a homebound visit by taking a portable tea party with us. We fill a beautiful basket with a unique selection of china teacups and saucers, an attractive serving plate of scones or cookies, a teapot, pretty napkins, decaf tea bags and leaves, and a thermos of boiling water.  As we break bread together, we share our church memories, have fellowship and pray for each other.


Make time to brighten up someone’s life!  Be a blessing for someone this week.

         Visit time 40-45 min.


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