Cary United Methodist Church
Thursday, December 08, 2022
Empowers Believers; Reaches the Community and Beyond
8th grade - 12th grade
At Cary UMC, we don't believe that our youth are the future, we believe they are the present!  God has equipped and empowered our youth to make a difference in the world today!  That's why every summer, we take a trip to Appalachia to partner with Appalachia Service Project (ASP).  ASP brings thousands of volunteers from all around the country to Central Appalachia to repair homes for low-income families.  Their goal is to make homes warmer, safer and drier for those in need.  Through missions, our youth get to be a part of this very important Kingdom work!
Participating in mission is also not just for those we serve.  We believe that loving our neighbors also changes us.  We move onto what John Wesley called, "Christian Perfection."  We become more like Christ!  Through missions, we believe that our youth are affirmed that they are already capable leaders in our community!