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Thursday, December 08, 2022
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Safe Sanctuary

Here at Cary UMC, we put our children first. We believe that a church should be a safe place for children and youth. We have developed guidelines to reduce the risk of child abuse in our community of faith, and for reporting and responding to any allegation of abuse.


What is Safe Sanctuaries?

Safe Sanctuaries is a plan developed and designed to guide and assist congregations as they develop their policies and procedures to reduce the risk of child abuse within their church.


Why do we need this program in our church?

We need to provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere for the children in our community of faith.

How did we develop our congregation’s specific plans?

We formed a Safe Sanctuaries committee and used Safe Sanctuaries, Reducing the Risk of Child Abuse in The Church, by Joy Thornburg Melton as a resource. Members of the committee also went to a variety of training events. 

What can you do?

Be informed – read the Safe Sanctuary Policy, get a background check, attend informational meetings, pray.

View our safe sanctuary policy HERE
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