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Friday, March 23, 2018
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2016 Tree of Life Mission Trip


Come join us for lunch
on Sunday, November 13th at 12 pm in Fellowship Hall

The Tree of Life Mission Team and the Appalachia Mission Team invite the entire congregation to a lunch to hear what God has done with our faithfulness in stewardship. We want to share with the entire church what happens when we step out in faith and give generously of our time, abilities, and resources! 
Daily Log


Day 1


Today started out with us sharing in a prayer circle with the team, our pastors, friends and family.



During our stop to stretch and refuel in Jackson, MN we ran in to the Helmer family from Cary.  We were able to share in a prayer with them.  What a small world we live in.


Day 2


On the way to Rosebud Reservation the mission team had a short stop in Mitchell, SD at the world's only Corn Palace.  The building is decorated with crop art; the murals and designs covering the building are made from corn and other grains, and a new design is constructed each year.



We were able to watch generations of Lakota People in a traditional Pow Wow. We were invited to do a "Round Dance" with them. At the end they honored their veterans by retreating the colors and they allowed Richard King to participate as a Navy veteran. 


Day 3







Day 4


Here we are getting ready for the day on Tuesday. We gather for breakfast and make out lunches. Each day we get to pick where we get to go work. Either in the co-op (soup kitchen like), thrift store, construction, or landscape. 



This is a star lab where we learned about Lakota Star Families (constellations.)


Day 5


We went on quite the adventure on our day off today: Badlands, Wall Drug, Rapid City, Black Hills, Mount Rushmore, and Custer State Park! Oh and saw a buffalo (actually a whole herd!) 



15 hours and 514 miles later we are finally back! What a great adventure today, and back to work tomorrow! #onamission(trip) 


Day 6 Thursday

Lynn, Sunny and Richard spent  some time  today volunteering at the Thrift store.  At the thrift store we organize all of the clothing and shoe donations that come in. Cumc was able to donate shoes, clothing, winter clothing, diapers, and other misc items 



Tonight our hosts made us Indian Tacos!!! Wow! Were they good! They are a little different than we would eat in Cary.   They are filled with seasoned beef, lettuce, tomato, cheese and refried beans.  (Oscar and Jamie made the beans.  It took 2 days to prepare.)   The biggest difference is that they use homemade fried bread instead of a taco shell.  


Day 7

Bitter sweet leaving South Dakota this evening. We have met some great people and heard some amazing life stories!